Put Your Best Foot Forward

Any event you sponsor offers you an opportunity to promote your company. Just the act of sponsorship puts you in the limelight, but handing out promotional socks will keep you in the public’s eye, long after the event has ended. Why choose socks? The reason is simple; everyone wears them.

What to Look for in Promotional Socks
It is critically important that your promotional items be both unique and well made. Sturdily made, comfortable socks tell your prospective customers that you care about quality as well as style. Socks that fall apart after a few washes tell people your products are shoddy. Fortunately, you can find just sock high –quality sporty socks at www.hawaiiansock.com. Our promotional socks are made of 82% cotton for breath-ability, 15% nylon for strength and 3% spandex for the right touch of stretch. They will fit most people, and offer a cushioned bottom and an optional mesh top. Cuff height is flexible, and will partly depend upon the design you choose. Best of all, they are custom knit socks, not printed. Your logo will stay crisp and clear for as long as they sock is in use.
Your logo can be placed upon the cuff or on the side of the sock, and can include several colors. These are custom socks at their best. Pricing will depend upon quantity and the design you choose.

Where to Use Your Socks
Clearly, you can offer your promotional socks at any event, but there are those where they make the most sense. The best place to distribute socks is at a running or biking event, or a combined event, such as a triathlon. Since the socks have a distinctively sporty look, and are designed for comfort with a low cuff, they are ideal for athletes.
People crave swag. It’s a fact that race participants come early enough to troll all the sponsor’s booths in the hope of scoring a great product. Whether you opt to put your socks in their race bag or hand them out at your booth, you will make an impression. Keep in mind that if you hand your socks out individually, you have the opportunity to collect information from a potential client; email, name or even phone number. This is a great way to start a database.

A Cooperative Process Designing your promotional socks is a multi-step process that gives you the time to create the right look and style. It may take a few tries to come up with exactly the right layout; one that isn't too busy, but remains distinctive. We can help you create a sock that is fun to wear and reminds people who you are every time it come out of the drawer.

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