Most comfortable sock you will ever wear

     A Hawaiian Gift from Hawaiian Socks, mahalo or thanks in the Hawaiian language. Thats what everyone who gets a Hawaiian Socks gift from you will say. To phrase it in Hawaiian style pidgin english " garans ballbarans" , or translated as guaranteed. Our socks are simply "da kine" in Hawaii or the best. Pidgin english is some of the most colorful English slang you will ever hear. A mix of the Hawaiian, English, Japanese, Chinese , Portuguese, and Filipino people and culture blending to create one common language that enabled all people to communicate. This unique language came about during the 1800's when sugar cane was king in Hawaii. Immigrants from all over the world came to this state to look for a better life and work in the sugar cane and pineapple industries. People commonly were given lodging in camps where their particular ethnicity lived. Still all the people with different languages all worked together and needed to communicate. Thus Pidgin was born. Both colorful and practical and language is prevalent today amongst the local people of Hawaii.

     Of course the language has evolved over time but it is commonly used in everyday conversation. Anyway a Hawaiian gift from Hawaiian Socks is a great gift . Number one it is practical , everyone needs sock and especially a great pair of socks. Our socks made in the USA are awesome. Made of 85% cotton, 12% polyester, and 2% nylon makes an ideal environment for your feet. Probably never thought of the perfect weather for you foot , but we have. Cotton makes for the most comfortable fabric you can wear on your feet, soft and cool. Polyester and nylon give the sock a resilient and elastic nature. They will last washing after washing. The coup that we have that makes us best is the 156 needle count our socks are manufactured with, 156 is really high. This is money, real quality. Cushioned bottom, mesh tops and the softest feel it does not get much better. We have people through out the world wearing our socks. From triathletes competing in Iron Man on the Big Island of Hawaii to Italians wearing our socks while sipping a expresso back at home in Florence. The socks are great but so are the designs.

     From floral to contemporary tribal we got it going on. Most of my designs are from world renown sculptor and artist Dale Zarella. He has help us create and interpret many traditional and ancient designs to make them unique to Hawaiian Socks . Our designs range from tribal bands to the hawaiian plumeria . Everytime you put on a pair of Hawaiian socks you will be reminded of the Hawaiian Islands the most isolated and beautiful place on earth. Hawaii is a place like no other, great weather, location, spirit and people. Pick up a Hawaiian gift from Hawaiian Socks and send out a gift with aloha. You don't have to travel all the way to Hawaii these days even though you would probably like to . Our socks are conveniently located online at , check it out. Everyone loves our socks so get a gift for yourself and then send some out to everyone you know. Alooooooohaaa!