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Ipo (sweetheart)
Love golf Hawaii on a no show white sock.
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101 Islands
The Hawaiian island chain in black on a white no show sock.
$6.00 pair
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Hula Girl
Hula girl with a ukelele in a multi colored design on a white sock with a 3/4" cuff.
$6.00 pair
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Hawaiian Socks: The Perfect Hawaiian Souvenir
When returning from a wonderful Hawaiian vacation, people often realize that they have forgotten one important purchase: a Hawaiian souvenir for their friends and family. If you find yourself in this situation, don’t stress out. Tourists often find themselves so lost in the natural beauty and serene lifestyle of the Hawaiian Islands that they forget to buy souvenirs. But your friends and family shouldn’t be left out.

Consider purchasing some Hawaiian socks to give as presents to all of your loved ones! Made With Love During a trip to Hawaii, it’s hard not to notice the warmth and hospitality of the Hawaiian people. Since these socks are made exclusively in Hawaii, you can feel comfortable knowing that you’re not just giving some random gift that’s manufactured overseas to your friends and family.

Hawaiian socks are made with the same love that you felt while in the islands. Customize your Hawaiian Souvenir Another great advantage to giving Hawaiian socks as souvenirs is that you can customize them for each of your family members and friends!
     • Choose the color, lettering and design.
     • Have your special logo woven right into your customized Hawaiian socks.
     • No silk screen is used in the making of Hawaiian socks, and this includes customized orders.
     • Your customized Hawaiian socks will be well appreciated by those who receive them for years to come.
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